Monday, August 21, 2006


It's hard to believe that just two days ago we were locking up the front door and driving down the highway to our vacation. Now we've been in San Francisco for a day and a night. We're staying south of the city, riding the BART in each day. Our hotel is fabulous with a waffle-maker in the breakfast room and free internet.

We saw Mount Shasta, got scared by rattlesnakes, laughed at every funny town-name along the way, rode the cable cars (definitely more dangerous and lurchy than anything at Disneyland), shopped Fisherman's Wharf, toured a vintage square-rigger sailing ship and a turn of the century car ferry and laughed a lot. Today we will take a boat out to the Golden Gate Bridge and tour Alcatraz, then go to our friend Heidi's house for supper. Her request from Canada? Tim Horton's Coffee. We're bringing her the jumbo tin.

I have to go, everyone is waffled up and ready to travel into town. Tomorrow we push on to Magic Mountain for 3 days of roller coaster riding.

question: how did I get so lucky?

mompoet - on the road


Imran said...

I like the weather in the Bay Area. Fisherman's Wharf is great too. Came from across the globe, San Fran is as vibrant as Singapore, with the Golden Gate Bridge as a high point of our short tour there. Great place. Have a great trip!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I wish I was on a trip now! Tells us more about it!