Friday, July 21, 2006

the beach

There are a lot of beaches in and around Vancouver, but this is the famous one. My husband goes to this beach frequently. He enjoys the unique atmosphere. I accompanied him once to find out what it was all about. I discovered that a nude sunbathers are less provocative than people in bathing suits designed to flaunt nearly naked bodies. It's a cool, counter-culture kind of feeling there, with mostly respectful behaviour, appreciation of the environment and celebration of a very special place with like-minded people. The beach is stewarded by a not-for-profit society that lobbies in the interest of the people who enjoy the beach, sponsors events and maintains the website.

The day I spent there I felt okay hanging out all day, swimming and sunning with no clothing. Everyone else is doing the same thing, and there are people of all shapes and sizes and ages. It was a lot less intimidating or embarrassing than I thought it would be.

Still, I don't go there. Partly because I don't really like lying in the sun all day. I'm more of a book in the shade person. But the main reason I don't go is that I dread meeting someone I know from work, or friends I know from the clothing-mandatory world. I think it would be embarassing to stand around and chat with people in this situation.

So there it is. I'm happy for Andy to go. I'm happy to stay away. I guess if we find a naked beach somewhere else when we are on vacation elsewhere, I would go there and be naked, but only if it was as cool as Wreck Beach.

question: do you have a nude beach near you? do you go there?

mompoet - chicken of the sea


Mango Lane said...

Happy friendly Friday!
As for the nude beach thing I`m definitely a book in the shade kinda gal.

Imran said...

Don't I wish!

Anyway, it feels weird for me to see a colleague half-naked at the beach. Total frontal is unimaginable!

Then again, you see me, I see you. We would be even. Only wish I have washboard abs if that incident ever happened.

What the hell are you doing here?!... I would say, back at ya!

These are just words from me. Coming from Singapore, I have yet to actually see a naked beach in my lifetime, so these are still just words as far as I am concern.

I have no idea how I will react then and after that at work.

Have a good, T-shirt & khaki pants weekend to you.