Sunday, July 02, 2006

Mary and George's wedding

Fi had the camera at her show, so I have no photographs to share. But the pictures in my mind are wonderful. Still suffering with the awful cold, I hauled myself out to the church, lugging a jumbo water-bottle half filled with ice, which thankfully prevented any coughing fits.

The wedding was so Mary! Lovely, and small and warm. John, a member of our congregation who is licensed to perform marriage ceremonies, presided. A couple of other minister friends of Mary's did the readings and the meditation. The choir sang and our neighbour Steve (who's in the Vancouver Symphony) played his viola. There were also Marcia on the saxophone, Shelley on the organ and piano, and Chris on the drums. Mary was radiant. George looked the the cat who ate the canary. He's a quiet man, seemingly very modest, but he had this big spilling-over grin that made me want to jump up and shout with joy.

When the ceremony was finished and it was time for Mary and George to walk out of the church, Steve, Shelley, Marcia and Chris played the Maple Leaf Rag for Mary and George to dance down the aisle. What a happy day and a real expression of the creativity and love that fills our church and embodies our identity as a faith community.

I skipped the dance and reception at the legion and came home to the neighbourhood block party for Canada Day. I was starting to feel better. Some cider and some wine and some kahlua and some fireball helped me feel even better. The big water bottle made sure I even felt just fine in the morning.

Today we'll go out to the Golden Spike Day festival at Rocky Point. What a happy weekend, what a lovely Canada Day yesterday.

question: what song would you have played for your exit anthem?

mompoet - tra la la

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