Monday, July 10, 2006

but I love...

regional dialects

Our lovely Rev Mary at the church is a maritimer. I adore the way she says "on" instead of "un." As in: "We work together to mend what is on-just in our society."

and I met a woman at work who recently moved to BC from Oklahoma. Her words came out all warm and soft around the edges I actually kept talking with her just to listen. It was like music.

The best voices are from Ohio and Kentucky, where the letter r just gurgles along slow and lazy like there's no reason to hurry. Ohio and Kentucky are the only places where it is acceptable to say "uhhhh-huhhh" instead of "you're welcome," just because a midwestern "uhhhh-huhhhh" sounds like a big, dusky blue pillow of yum-yum. (whatever that is)

Okay, this day is almost over so I'm going to depose myself as queen of how we all should talk and go back to being irritating in more conventional ways.

Thanks for putting up with my rant (if you're still reading) - now that would sound much better pronounced by an Ohioan, forrrr surrrre.

question: where do you find your favourite voice?

mompoet - transplanted tongue, homesick ears

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