Sunday, July 02, 2006

If I were born 10 or 100 years earlier I would be all primes

Continuing in my obsession with prime numbers, I fixated on birthdays. How many people do you know who have birthdates made up of all prime numbers?

My birthday is November 29, 1961. Eleven and twenty-nine are good, but alas, 1961 is divisible. It would have been okay were I born in 1861 or 1951, but then I would have been somebody else who probably wouldn't have grasped the significance.

You can look up lots of prime numbers here.

question: how much about you is a prime number?

mompoet - 5 is still my favourite


Stephen said...

Well, I was born in '71. I'm left-handed, although that's not prime, just a little rare.

Sue's Dad said...

71 doesn't count, since it's really 1971. That number can be factored as 3x3x3x73, which does make it a bit unusual because of the 3 cubed business.

Sue doesn't get her attraction for primes from me (I'm a retired mathematician). I like other parts of math much better. So she's welcome to my share of the family interest in them.

By the way, I was born left-handed but was converted at an early age to right-handed. A lot of mathematical people are, or were, left-handed. It may have someting to do with the way the two halves of the cerebral cortex communicate.

mompoet said...

Thanks for the clarification Dad. Does that mean this weirdness is all my own?

Stephen, left-handed is even better than a prime number.