Saturday, July 01, 2006


Descriptions of illness symptoms are number three on the all-time list of "boring" (falling just behind "what I ate" and "how I slept" and followed closely by a personal toilet journal). But, I'm sick and I don't often whine, so here it is. Promise, no lists of food, poo or minutes slept, anytime in the near future.

Somebody must have took a long piece of sandpaper and threaded it in through my nostrils, up around through my nasal passages and down my throat. All of the crud that shook loose onto the sandpaper has been deposited on my tongue, where it is stuck. My face just turned into a garden slug onto which somebody has recently sprinkled salt. All of the liquids in my body are seeping out through my eyes and nose, but my lips are dry and cracked. My head is buzzing. I don't have a fever, so I warrant no sympathy.

There, phewww. That's all.

question: how do you feel today?

mompoet - I owe it to you to listen to anything, after that


Carol said...

I think I'm getting sick...

mompoet said...

Oh Carol, take it easy! I hope you feel better soon.