Monday, July 03, 2006


I have been sleeping more than usual this weekend (blasted cold!) and dreaming more... Here's what's been on the dream TV as I channel surf my unconscious mind:

-I wake up in a strange room in a strange house. The kids are with me, but not my husband. The people who own the house inform me that I am in "The Wrong House." These words keep repeating in every conversation through the rest of the dream. In fact, they are the only words I can remember. I try to get the kids and me out of the "Wrong House," but there are tasks to do. The son in the other family needs help with his homework, and I have to clean up the room I wrongly slept in. When we get outside I can't remember how I got to The Wrong House, so I don't know how to get home. The kids are passive. I am in that curious, detached state of dream-believing - not really upset or distressed by the situation.

-I am on a fishing boat. Someone catches a fish. I jump off the boat and swim behind the fish, trying to unhook it so it can swim away. I get jabbed by the fish-hook and bit and kicked by the fish (well finned, I guess). I can't get the fish unhooked. The fish seems not to want to be unhooked. The people in the boat are yelling at me to stop.

question: what do they mean?

mompoet - weird-headed


Imran said...

Hmm... I get weird dreams too, and it should mean something.

Some unfinished task, some challenge that I must take-up, some kind of fear that I must face, but are still unanswered.

Can't help you in this dept either as I am in the same boat... err no fish here. Just kidding.

Interesting how the mind works though. Hope you find the answers. Have a nice day.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Get better soon!

mompoet said...

Hi Imran, I have lots of "unfinished business" or "impossible quest" dreams. I'm especially interested in the way I act normally in strange situations in my dreams. Dreams are very interesting indeed.

Hi Andrew, thanks, I will try!