Thursday, July 20, 2006


We have headed into a heatwave that the weather forecasters say has come our way from Nevada. My office was like a pizza oven without the pizza, which is really funny because it's in a skating rink. In a couple of weeks they'll put the ice back, so I can go stand close to it in my shorts and say "ahhhh!" At work, the camp leaders took the kids to the water park and stayed wet for as long as possible. Later in the afternoon, three girls (12 & 13) dozed in my car (not air conditioned) as I wove home through baking freeway traffic from their musical theatre camp. After supper, everyone came out of the hot houses and sat on the street until it got dark and the mosquitoes chased us back inside, except the dog walkers. Everyone waited until dark to bring their dogs out. Now it's sleep time. I'm going to grab a shower and climb into bed without seriously drying off. That should help.

All that said, I am not complaining. I love the heat and the way it makes us slow down and do what's essential. Supper is later, friends are friendlier. It's easier not to be in a rush. Tomorrow I have a day off work. I'll be getting my car brakes fixed so I can't rush about. I do have to tidy up a bit for Fi's 13th birthday party on Saturday, but it would be crazy to tidy too much before the house is invaded by teenage girls. Better to do that after the party. Andy's got the day off too, but I think he is heading to the naked beach, and I don't go there. (That is another whole post, which I'll save for sometime soon.) Mostly I feel like puttering, so that's what I'll do. And tomorrow night I'm going to the movies with my mom. The air-conditioned movies. ahhhh

question: what do you do when the weather is changing?

mompoet - noticing that Friday is the 33% point along the caterpillar that is summer

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J. Andrew Lockhart said...

The heat index here today in Van Buren is 111. That's pretty normal, though, so we're not shocked. The heat wouldn't be bad at all if it weren't for the humidity in the 90's!
I go through 2 shirts a day. :)