Monday, July 10, 2006

If only I had know-wun

It's back, that annoying verbal fad/habit/tic. I keep hearing it on the radio, tv, in conversation. I'm too polite to say something to the person (and it would be silly to talk to the radio anyway). Here's the problem.

"I would never have bought that mp3 player had I know-wun that a cheaper one was coming out the next week."

"Research has show-un that coffee drinkers are definitely crabby in the morning before they drink their coffee."

Interestingly (or not) I think these same pronouncers do not offer their dogs a boe-wun or go out after supper on a hot night for an ice cream coe-wun. So I think it's just for words ending with o-w-n.

I know this is incredibly picky. It's my thing. It sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me. I know that I shouldn't criticize because I don't have perfect grammar or pronunciation or spelling (remember sherbert er sherbet er fruity ice cream?). It bugs me anyhow.

question - how long until I can say that this particular bug has blow-un over?

mompoet - obsessing again


Irene said...

It drives me crazy when news announcers say "there were one-a (pause) million people there"

mompoet said...

Ooo yuk. If anyone should be careful, it's news announcers. The ones on CBC Radio One talk about the Gervment of Burtish Clumbia all the time. Sometimes they have a really good story about the plice (police). ug
Thank you for commenting, Irene!

Irene said...

You often hear the politicians saying Birdish Columbia. And the minute you hear a man or woman using the word "clear" or "clearly" you KNOW a politician is speaking.

(Unless, of course, it a weather forecaster.)

Anonymous said...

Former Vancouver TV news anchor Russ Froese always pronounced it Guvmint.
And current Global TV reporter Ted Chernecki pronounces 'Constable' as 'Cownstable'.

Furthermore, thanks to Canadian TV news reporters people in Canada now pronounce 'divisive' like 'permissive', and thanks to Canadian TV weathermen Canadians are starting to pronounce 'southern' as 'sowthurn'.

Very annoying!!