Tuesday, July 18, 2006

poetry happens in our town

Last night we held our first-ever AGM (I hope that's not the same as saying "first annual," which I know is not right) of the Vancouver Poetry House. The meeting was small, short and sweet AND impressive in the list of accomplishments made by our small but mighty organization AND by the visions articulated for the coming year.

After that it was down to Cafe Deux Soleils for the Vancouver Poetry Slam. My friend Megan came with me. She's a Grade 11 student and blossoming poet. Out of 9 competing poets, Megan came in second (first was the incomparable Norah, newest member of the VanSlam team). What a spectacular and well-deserved achievement for Megan. Her first poem, a lyrical meandering walk/flight through a world of imagined natural beauty, made the audience sit still and listen carefully. Her second, "The Saxophone Player," made me cry. I was thinking about the person who I imagine to be the subject of this poem (someone who we knew and miss) and also about the acute perception and wisdom of the poet. I was overwhelmed.

Now I am cross-eyed with tiredness and happiness for a totally successful evening. Poetry Slam nights are brutally late for me, but worth it.

I almost forgot to mention. Mighty Mike McGee was the feature poet. He brought the house down with his extended laugh-mix version of the pudding poem, with the macaroni and cheese poem mixed in. Laughing to the verge of bursting is a mighty fine feeling, and a wonderful gift that only a few can give.

question: when was the last time someone knocked your socks off?

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J. Andrew Lockhart said...

It would be so much fun to be there and be able to do so much!