Friday, December 02, 2005

telus redeemed (partially)

My boss laughed when I told her I lost my phone. Whew! Her attitude was "oh well, these things happen. You need a phone." I told her I will continue scouring the universe until Monday or Tuesday then replace it.

Meantime my smart friend Louise reminded me that we have a corporate account and our dealer is very good at customer service. Hmmm - the squishy warm stuff between me and the telcorp? I like it! So I drove over to Pacific Coast Com. The nice man there got a loaner phone for me right away, then spent 1/2 hour (I exaggerate not one iota) on his phone convincing the telus drone to re-activate my number. Apparently drone officius had gone home for the weekend (at 3pm) and I should wait until Monday for the one and only authorized finger to push the button so I would regain cell phone service. Coast Com Man just kept phoning people, and waiting on hold, and phoning people, until someone said okay, I will re-activate the phone. Yayyy. So now I have a temporary phone with my number until I find/replace it.

I told Coast Com Guy about 411 and Mr. Surly Man at 9:55pm. He shrugged. I think he can relate.

In the meantime, if you are in need of a Registered Psychologist, call Telus 411 and ask for the number for Telus Mobility. If you need some customer service, go find a squishy guy at an outlet and let him absorb the bad vibrations.

question: I guess if this is the worst thing I can find to complain about I'm doing okay huh?

mompoet - apologizing for posing a rhetorical question...let's try again

question: Would you rather have a psychologist, proctologist or a cinnamon bun?

mompoet - Fried-ayed

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