Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Just 2 weeks to winter

In a couple of weeks it will be winter. Here's the sun coming up at 7:42am today. This is a beautiful and surreal time of year. Especially at the edges of the day. Especially in the morning. Like walking around in someone else's dream. I love it.

question: what's your favourite time of year?

mompoet - child of the late fall


Carol said...

Although,I love the four seasons, winter is not my favorite.

Pearl said...

Hot summer nights. Just another 8 months to go. :-S

mompoet said...

Heya Carol and Pearl,

So far we all like the extreme ends of the year. Anybody for spring or fall? Another cool thing about winter is that the days all get shorter and brighter. You start at the bottom of the dark hole and come up up up all winter long.

Lazy Daisy said...

Put me down for fall....especially in the Shenadoah Valley!

mompoet said...

Kathy, I bet that's spectacular!