Friday, December 30, 2005


Fiona and I went to a movie. There's wasn't much out there appropriate for a 44 year old plus a 12 year old. We saw Rent. I did not have high expectations after the Georgia Straight recommended just watching the Rent parody in Team America World Police ("I have AIDS, you have AIDS, she has AIDS, we ALL HAVE AIDS...").

Well, now I know that you can agonize for over a year about your art and still churn out cliche-schlock (like the two main characters, a song-writer and a film-maker do), or maybe I just didn't get it. I also know that a bad rock song that takes more than a year of misery and a soul-searching cross-country journey to create can have the power to bring a lover back from the arms of death. I am also reassured that I still don't like pretty-faces on boys unless they are drag queens, then they are wonderful.

There were a few good moments and fun songs and the character of Angel was lovely, and I think it was still a better choice than Cheaper by the Dozen. Fi and I had a great discussion about it (and many issues connected to it) on the way home, and the whole thing cost just $13 with my parking totally paid for by the theatre validation. As a mom and kid experience it was good. As a movie, I don't recommend it. But then I also hesitate to recommend Team America World Police unless you just fast-forward to the Rent parody and skip the extended marionette sex scene.

Just to clarify:
  • We saw Harry Potter already.
  • Fiona dislikes Narnia
  • I did not watch Team America World Police with my 12 year old
question: seen any good movies lately that you could take your kid to?

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David said...

im here as lead bassoon with the FFMB ( marching band) I am th eonly bassoon and I carry it only becasue it sounds so good to say Bassoon. Happy new year to you - the rest of the band should be along shortly

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I don't think they're going to make anymore good movies --

Fi said...

I didn't get the begininng. Why were they singing? They didn't even know eachother yet. And why were they on a stage? I don't get it.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Mango Lane said...

Happy new year!