Thursday, December 08, 2005


They are giving us new carpets at work. All week they have been ripping up the old carpet and putting in new carpet around us. It is stinky and dusty and noisy. Luckily we are all pretty easygoing so we just laugh as we clamber over each other and bumble around the office saying things like "Where's the filing cabinet today?" and "Oh goodness, I just stepped in levelling compound." The carpenters are gems. They go to all of the rec centres and offices and fix things so their job is different all the time. They're really nice when we trip over them and step in glue and roll photocopiers across their fresh work.

Speaking of photocopiers, we got a new one today, including the obligatory "how to use your wonderful new photocopier demo." So here we are, all standing around ooing and gooing, but also kind of bleary from smelling carpet glue from 8am-1pm. I am wearing my coat and scarf because I have my office window open in the freezing cold to try to minimize the impact of the glue (it didn't work). And the photocopier lady must be thinking, "they're right about city workers - what a bunch of dough-brains." But honest, it wasn't really us. It was the glue. I caught myself at 2:30 about to send an email to a school about a holiday program, "Valentine coodies and carafts." Ooops I mean Valentine Cookies and Crafts. The carpenters booked off at 2:45. I worked until 5:30 - actually got something done from about 4 o'clock on once the glue wore off.

One more day. They will carpet my office Friday so I'm moving into Sherrard's office down the hall. There's two doors between me and the glue, so things should be better, but it's farther away from that photocopier.

question: how was work today?

mompoet - gluey, and not eating any coodies

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