Thursday, December 08, 2005

after supper while I was walking the dog

we saw all of these houses with Christmas lights. Our neighbourhood gets pretty sparkly at Christmas time. With the houses so close together, it's like an endless row of lights, each house a bit different. Our houses are small, so it doesn't take a lot to make them look pretty spectacular. We share ladders and admire each other's artistry. It's a lot of fun. I like glowing lights that do not blink. But Ernie's tree blinks and it is quite nice because he climbed all the way to the top last night in the dark to get the lights just right. Tonight I stood underneath it and looked up, but forgot to take a picture, it was so pretty. I also like a lot of one colour all massed instead of a random mixup of colours. Two colours is pretty nice too, like the red and white candy cane motif Andy and Alex came up with on the weekend. I like to walk around at night and look at the houses. The dog just likes walking around, any time. If you look into people's front windows you can see some families have their Christmas trees already. If you look, you can see where two neighbours have got together to decorate adjoining houses in one theme, and also where one neighbour has decorated both houses because the other is old or sick. It's more than just sparkle, there's a lot of neighbourly love when you look carefully. Mostly the lights make me feel like I'm looking at a spectacle of brightness and hope during the coldest, dampest, darkest time. No matter what colour, blinking or still, I love the contrast.

question: what kind of lights do you like?

mompoet - enjoying the contrast


Carol said...

Great pics, Mompoet. I enjoy the big displays.

mompoet said...

Thanks Carol. I'm glad you enjoyed them.