Monday, December 12, 2005

bad office christmas gift #1

Cheezball "Cheeses of the World" Soap on a Rope ($9.99)

Sample the richness of a world of cheeses and leave the shower feeling cheddary-fresh! Each distinct cheese variety guaranteed to last a minimum of 3 showers before the next layer emerges. These soaps come in three tantalizing combos:
  • Macho Nacho - for the guy who has everything: monterey jack, marble cheddar, jalapeno havarti and a black olive in the middle *for maximum benefit, try this with the masa harina exfoliating scrub - sold separately
  • The Continental - for the food snob who loves to shower: gruyere, brie, boursin, stilton, asiago, infused with extra virgin olive oil for dewy moist skin *comes with a pronunciation guide, but we know you do not need it
  • Stinky Cheese Man - run run as fast as you can! It's limburger, blue cheese, and feta with extra goat essence, for the guy or gal who likes to keep it real * comes in a recycled hemp sack which can be used as a hat when the soap is gone
question: am I the only one who hates the "Ten dollar gift???"

mompoet - trying not to buy anything for anyone unless it's my idea and my heart is there

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