Thursday, December 08, 2005

oh barf

I thought I was done with the computer tonight, then I find this pithy little email sent 'specially for me...

Dear Susan,
SPLENDA* is pleased to welcome Food Network chef, Anna Olson, to the SPLENDA* Recipe Club. Anna has made it easy for you to use SPLENDA* in your holiday baking this year and has a few great ideas to get you started. Try Anna's Eggnog Cheesecake recipe with SPLENDA* - it's a sweet new twist on an old favourite of hers. Below you'll also find two more delightful SPLENDA* recipes to help you spread the sweetness: White Chocolate Cream Pie with Raspberries and Gingerbread Cake. Both recipes are a great way to reduce your sugar and carb. intake during the holiday season.

question: who will bake the splendid Splenda* Eggnog Cheesecake? (hint: not me)

mompoet - Atkins Schmatkins


fiona said...

hi mom,
yum yum. please dont make that.

mompoet said...

No worries daughter. I will make only good things that you like.
mp aka mom