Monday, December 12, 2005

the luxury of time well-wasted

At my request, Robin bought me a 1,000 piece, super-complicated Christmas jigsaw puzzle. On the weekend, Fiona and I cracked it open. We have now pretty much got the edges laid out (it's a biiiig puzzle) and we're starting to work on middle parts. It should take us all Christmas.

Having a time-wasting, just for fun, stop doing everything useful pastime like this is delicious. I don't do crossword puzzles, play computer games or even make jigsaw puzzles except one about every 10 years. Most of my procrastination involved output of some kind - most often communication of a nonsensical kind (Sherrard described my snowman cards by saying - "It's Sue, so it's a challenge to play"). Every once in a while I want to make a jigsaw puzzle, so I do.

While we do it, we might talk or we might not. We will welcome anyone else who wants to join in. We will make a group decision about who gets to put in the last piece. Then we'll bust it up, and stop wasting time - probably about January 2.

question: how do you waste time when you have time and feel like wasting?

mompoet - puzzled (temporarily)

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