Sunday, December 11, 2005

A child is born

in Bethlehem, and also this morning at St Andrew's United Church's Christmas pageant. Here's the famous tableau that ends the show. Note the senior Mary and Joseph, the cute sheep, Alex as a king, and me hanging around the back as a biblical time herder of actor-children. We lost a prophet and gained some community spirit and moved closer to Christmas. Isaiah...where are you?

question: has anybody seen Isaiah?

mompoet: perhaps a bit more "ready" today

ps Thank you to Irene for the crank call Saturday night. (She phoned, and in a diguised voice, asked "Are you ready for Christmas?")


Lazy Daisy said...

Last time I saw Isaiah he was between Song of Solomon and Jeremiah!

Your live Nativity really looks cute. Did you get a bravery award for herding "child actors?"

I've compared it to herding cats!
Lazy Daisy

mompoet said...

Thanks Kathy, Actually that's our sunstitute Isaiah, grinning in the back row. He's a middle school teacher, so he can't be blamed. When he loped up onstage (after much calling of "Isaiah!" by the minister and congregation, he blurted out my line: "I'd like to introduce you to my friend Isaiah....OH! That's ME!" We all laughed, then got back on track. As for herding, those two shepherds in the front row helped with the little ones. I was herding the 11-12 year old, who are pretty easy.