Saturday, March 26, 2005

You putchyer left foot in....

I got to drive my old Subaru today. My sister and brother in law have owned it for a couple of years. It's even rustier than when I had it, but it still runs fine. Just turned over 400 thousand kilometres. good car!

We decided to run up to Fairmont Hotsprings after breakfast at BJs in Kimberley. Barb and I were the only adults interested in steamy soaking, but all 5 kids were clamouring, so we took two cars, and I found out I can still drive a car with a standard transmission like it was yesterday. I did not stall, roll or otherwise embarass myself. The hotsprings were gorgeous. They look like something out of the 1950s and they feel like heaven. There's a valley on one side, mountains on the other and hot hot hot water all around. Just as we wished, the wind blew and the snow fell and we felt all safe and warm up to our necks for a couple of hours.

On the way home we found CBC radio's "50 Tracks" countdown, this time featuring the country's favourite 50 Canadian popular song, as voted on by listeners. When we got home they were listening here, so we kept it on through supper. Mom made pizzas (the best was asparagus, mushrooms and swiss cheese - soy cheese for the vegans). The power went out just before baking time, so Kim cooked the first one in the barbeque, then the power came back on again so the rest went into the oven. Luckily we had a battery radio, so we didn't miss any Canadian songs.

Last night's Ice game was a wonderful people-watching opportunity. All the more interesting because our seats were in the Kamloops Blazers' booster section and they were ringing cowbells all around us. The Ice led 3-0 until the last 15 minutes of the game, then lost 30 seconds into the overtime period. Blegggg. That's what the Canucks do all the time, isn't it? Watching those hockey boys was fun though, win or lose. Most of them could be my kid, they're so young, and they can skate. I hope they make it to paying hockey careers. I imagine it has been their whole life, to make it to this level of play. I wish I wish I wish I could skate like that.

Kim and the boys are at the game again tonight. I hope Ice wins. The roof will come off the Rec Plex I'm sure.

So the house is totally quiet now because the girls are making Ukranian Easter eggs. Somebody turned off the radio, and the adults are all reading. I'm going to join them.

Question - how does the brain remember things?

mompoet - toasty, well-fed, hushed and quietly approaching that end of the couch with the nice light

ps If you forget your bathing suit you can buy a paper one. We had a fun time discussing what it might look like. We all remembered ours, so we did not find out. I forgot my towel, so I danced under the hair dryer, which I guess made up for not embarassing myself with the car.

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