Sunday, March 13, 2005

Vee Vee Boutique

Yesterday we went to "the store where mom never says no." Valloo Village, Vee Vee Boutique, whatever you call it, I love going there. This time the girls (daughter plus 2 friends) wanted to find costumes for a video they are making for extra credit in science. I set them free and looked around for myself.

I always find something I like. This time I hit the jackpot: brand new $125 Jones of New York skirt in my size for $19.99. YES! Also a really cute silk blouse, also Jones, previously worn, $5.99. Now if I can just get over my compulsion to blurt it out when people say, "You look nice today," and just smile and say, "Thanks." Instead I am prone to say - "Oh, it's nothing, VV Boutique, $25 plus tax." Sometimes people are happy when I say this, mostly people who also shop there but are not so brazen about it. Often people give me a blank look or a weak smile and back away slowly.

Shhh, mompoet, you don't need to tell everyone everything.

Anyway, the girls found what they wanted, then tried on some eveningwear for entertainment. I had to loan them $2.15 because the $10 they brought did not completely cover their needs. I took them for Subway on the way home and everyone was happy.

By the way, I did say "NO." Just once. It was about 2 years ago, so my daughter was 9, her friend 8. I took them to VV after church, just for fun. That's when they found the hooker boots. Thigh high on their little legs, shoe-size about a size 6, so they weren't a bad fit. But 3 inch platforms on the front and 6 inch spike heels. Each girl put on one boot (on the outside foot) , then they linked arms and limped around the store laughing and begging me to "please, buy them Mom!" I had to say no. Whether I was protecting them from physical injury or loss of innocence, I'm not sure. I was sure that I did not one or both of those boots inside my house.

Question: where does a mom draw the line?

mompoet - practising short thank yous

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