Friday, March 18, 2005

Dog Butt Part 2

It's a "hot spot" all right. The vet shaved the fur surrounding the area and showed me how to bathe the wound with hibitane and apply antibiotic ointment twice each day for ten days. She also gave Sol her shots for all of the things that dogs can get from other dogs and from eating dead stuff and drinking ditch water. Now she's safe from the plague and whooping cough I guess. The hot spot business cost only $45, which is mostly covered by our pet insurance. The shots and "annual wellness consultation" cost $155. Good thing we love her (the dog, not the vet - well, we like the vet just fine too).

Our vet doesn't believe in cone-heads (too stressful for the dog and they can still rub the area on furniture or scratch it with a paw.) To keep the dog from licking the wound, we have fashioned a diaper out of one of my old Sun Run t-shirts. I cut off the sleeves and slit the back. Sol's hind legs go through the sleeve holes. Her tail goes through the neck hole. Then I knot the shirt on her back, just above her waist. It really looks like a diaper. Daughter made me promise not to take her out in public wearing it. I promise.

Question: arf?

mompoet - aka akela

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