Monday, March 07, 2005

More Pepper please

Andy gave me a cd with some pre 94 Red Hot Chili Peppers hits. I can hear the funk sound more on these songs, which is helping me piece together what it means in the band bio that's on every website that calls them "a unique blend of funk and punk rock that has been imitated but never equalled blar blar blar ...."

By the Way sounds more like rock crossed with hip hop (I think). I'm still learning what all of these labels are supposed to convey. I remember listening to some funk-influenced music in the 80s and I kind of liked it at the time. I have not figured out hip hop yet. At first I dislike the hip hop sounding parts of The Red Hot Chili Peppers but now I like them, especially after I looked up the words. Maybe I would even like hip hop if...nahhhh. Still sounds like funk without the music to me.

I also realised that I know nothing about punk rock. So I guess I had better find someone to loan me some of that. Meantime I am overdosing on this one CD. I even like the song "Can't Stop" which I previously thought was the province of 9 year old boys.

I know I have just peeled back the corner of something gigantic that I could have fun exploring for about a million years and still not hear everything. I'm going slower than I thought, but faced with a smorgasbord, that's my typical reaction. This is the most fun I have ever got from a new year's resolution.

Question: who's got punk rock?

mompoet - still know nuthin about nuthin but I'm having fun

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