Thursday, March 24, 2005

Road Trip

We're leaving Thursday morning to drive up to Cranbrook with my Mom and Dad. The kids and I will squeeze into the back seat of the Subaru for this 12 hour trip. We'll visit my sister and her family.

It's our Annual Easter Nerd-o-Rama. My husband is staying home. Technically, it's because he has to work Monday, and we drive home Monday. Really, five days with 10 of us is just too much for his normal self. Highlights will include:

  • Non-stop performance preparating and shows by 5 cross-dressing, Arrogant Worms-loving kids, ages 9-14 years. Perennial hit: George W on the toilet and nobody will bring him toilet paper.
  • Loud, home-made balderdash games.
  • Vegan feast after feast after feast with assorted neighbours and friends joining in.
  • Cats from Mars.
I won't be posting while I'm away. Hope everyone has a happy Easter. I will, I know!

Question: What's a yurt?

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