Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Free Money from the Government

I just got $5 thousand from the Provincial Government for no reason. Well, for someone else's reason anyhow. I was paying the bills online on Sunday and noticed that my balance was, well, HUGE! I phoned the bank and they couldn't help me. I phoned the government, got bounced around less than I expected, then a nice lady in some accounting department told me it's a grant for Sexual Exploitation Awareness. In their accounting log it's for me, with my name and address (and obviously my bank account number). But I never applied for a grant. There's some mixup. The person who is expecting $5 thousand didn't get it because it got deposited to my account.

I was out of the office for the afternoon, so I missed the follow-up call, but a nice lady named Elizabeth said she wants to talk to me and arrange for me to mail them a cheque (!!!!) I am so tempted to blast, smash and have a general spittle fest about this but I will be nice.

I will talk to Elizabeth tomorrow and find out what she wants me to do. I hope the real alternate identity of me gets the grant money soon. It's a worthy cause. I also want someone to explain to me how money can be accidentally deposited in my account. I know the province had my account number from 6 or 7 years ago when they were direct depositing subsidy cheques from my daycare clients. So maybe I'm still in their system. I really want to know how they can be so careless with money. That's their job, after all.

part 2 as soon as I know it...

Question: Wouldn't you notice if you put that in the wrong place?

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