Sunday, March 20, 2005

campaign meeting

I made it to my first meeting with the Karen Rockwell election team. The whole picture is just totally bewildering to me right now but there are good people who seem unfazed by the gigantic amount of work that needs to be done in a little less than 2 months.

I met Karen during the civic election almost 4 years ago. She's now a Port Moody city councillor. I like her a lot, and I look forward to helping her get elected. This constituency has been Liberal since 1996, but before that it has pretty much alternated between liberal and NDP MLAs. I admire Karen's calm and confident demeanor and her solid record on city council.

I feel unqualified for anything to do with this campaign, but I guess I'll learn along the way. There's not a single job I could say, "Yeah, I can do that!" So I'll help wherever I'm needed. Probably phoning and canvassing and organizing volunteers. But we'll see where the gaps are.

We sat in the just-rented campaign office - no chairs, patched walls. I had to turn the water on to fill the toilet in the washroom (hey, my first contribution to the campaign - maybe they need a scullery maid?) Except for one student in his 20s I was among the youngest in the room. Everyone looked to be 45 or older, everyone with union affiliations. Full-time spots will probably be taken by vital retirees with knowledge and energy to make things happen. I'll bring 14 year old son in to drop leaflets and stuff envelopes, which should lower the mean age a bit. Where are the university students and young working people who need change? Probably too busy and tired to help. Maybe supporting the Green Party? Or maybe they take the bus to celebrate in Vancouver with the Work Less Party? I guess this is the situation. I'm 43 so I'm a newcomer and a baby. By the time we're working on Karen's re-election I'll be closer to 50 than 40, and I'll know something about something. In the meantime I feel welcomed, and I know there will be plenty of work.

Good thing I like the outside perimeter of my comfort zone. I won't look down. Just push off now and find out what happens.


Question: what's this world going to look like?

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