Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Sunday

Hanging out with all of these aetheists I skipped both Good Friday and Easter Sunday church services. I feel somewhat guilty. Cranbrook United Church is walking distance from the house. Every year I mean to go, but I do not. I guess part of worship for me is being surrounded by my familiar community of church people. I know everyone is welcome at any church. Maybe next year. Or if we're not here, maybe we'll be in Costa Rica, and participate in whatever that community does for Easter.

In the meantime, my son and nephews spotted the photographs of female stars in bikinis on the cover of People Magazine and started yakking about anorexia and "skin and bones." The conversation continued at home, with my daughter doing her amazing "Britney Spears is destructive to pre-adolescent girls' self images" speech. Then all of the kids got into a conversation about which starlet they would most like to be or marry. In preparation for tonight's hootenany I have re-written a favourite folk song:

Little Women
(inspired by "Little boxes" by Malvina Reynolds)

All the women who are beautiful on the TV and the movies
Little women in the magazines and they all look just the same
There's a Britney and Beyonce and a Jennifer and a Jennifer
and they're all made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same.

Oh they all got plastic surgery and maybe they slept with somebody
They're bulimic, anorexic and they all look just the same
And they're Gwyneth and there's Jessica and there's even Paris Hilton
And they're all made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same.

So they tell us they don't diet and they don't get liposuction
They give birth to pretty babies and wear bikinis the next day
And I know they must be hurting, what they do it can't be easy
And to think that they must do this to be loved is such a shame.

Oh the men who make the money from the women who are beautiful
Don't know what they do to women so I guess they're not to blame
Men and women, we are fat ones and we're pretty, ugly, skinny, funny ones
See we're all just real people and we need love all the same.

Question - how many Hershey's kisses does it take to tip a teeter-totter with Lara Flynn Boyle on the other side? (more, I think than the number of real kisses required to make the teeter-totter not matter at all)

mompoet - cream of corn soup, but that's okay. It's Easter. Happy Day.

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