Thursday, March 31, 2005

Almost April Fool

Tomorrow is the next best thing to Halloween when it comes to legalized anarchy and least for the kids, and before noon (who made that rule anyway?)

I am hoping that I will not be too badly tricked tomorrow morning. I will sip my coffee carefully and not open any doors without paying attention. I also look forward to spotting the bogus stories in the morning news. I especially like the fake names they make up for sources like Professer U.N. Likely and Finnish Scientist Fulja Didnii.

I have not thought of any April Fools pranks to play on my family or friends. Maybe something will occur to me and I will do it spontaneously (that's my usual creative approach, otherwise known as "the big blurt"). I did try to focus and imagine what I might do, but all I could think of was stuff involving gasoline, nudity and explosions. This is probably because I am reading This is Burning Man by Brian Doherty. It's about the Burning Man festival in Nevada. I have heard about it through the grapevine and in the news, but I don't know if I know anyone who has been there. Reading about how it started and some of the things that have happened over the years is fascinating. I couldn't begin to summarize it, and I'm tired, so I'll just quote the teaser on the book jacket:

"changing the world through art cars, bone towers, Danger Ranger, smut shacks, fire cannons, Glitter Camp, fighting robots, exploding men, princess warriors, pulsing soundscapes, neon skies, metal dragons, and Dr. Megavolt -- the rise of a new American underground."

If you want to know more, you can also check the Burning Man website.

Watch out on Friday for salt in your coffee, buckets on doors, lies in the newspaper, phoney experts and flaming 40 foot neon icons. You never know.

Question: is there anything left that has not been done?

mompoet - not foolin' just now


Dad said...

You wrote:

>and before noon (who made that rule anyway?)

Probably someone in Canada. You were too young to remember, but in the USA the "before noon" condition isn't in effect. When I April fooled someone, after noon, the first April 1 after we moved to Canada, I learned that that was one of the things that are different here.

mompoet said...

I didn't know that, Dad. But it's congruent with our tenuous Canadian identity. In the morning we are just like the Americans. After lunch we work up the courage to be safe and conservative.


Tom Naka said...
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