Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Pennies from Heaven

So I talked on the phone some more to some more nice people in Victoria. I got them to send me a fax verifying what happened (just so if I get audited at some later date I have some documentation to explain what happened, and demonstrate that it's not income or something shady). A cheque for $5,000 is now on its way back to the provincial government, who will pay the correct person, who indeed shares my name.

But the really funny part it, I got home tonight and my husband told me he got a call this afternoon to say I won $500 in a minor hockey raffle. Go figure! This is the kind of coincidence I like! And being a fan of number patterns I reckon I have pass along the happiness with at least $50 to someone else... to keep the goodness going on.

End of the story of the money for nothing.

Question: is it raining again?

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