Saturday, May 02, 2009

dress for success

On Thursday evening, Fiona attended a performance of Seussical the Musical, featuring some of her friends from school. I agreed to be outside the theatre at 10pm to pick her up. She asked if I would call her cell when I arrived, so she could come outside to meet me.

I got to the theatre and saw, through the glass front of the building, a large crowd of people, hugging, talking, giving flowers. I phoned Fiona's cell and got no answer. I texted her and waited. I phone a couple more times, still no answer. I thought, it must be noisy in there!

I waited. A few minutes later, Fiona came out, looked around and saw me in the car. As she walked over, she checked her phone and noticed the missed calls. She got into the car.

Fiona: I'm sorry I missed your calls. It was noisy in there!

Mom: That's okay, was the show good?

Fiona: Yes! How long did you wait for me?

Mom: Just a few minutes. I didn't mind, and I decided not to come in and look for you.

Fiona: Why not?

Mom: Take a look. I have been relaxing at home and doing a bit of housecleaning this evening. I am wearing a texas tuxedo*, gym socks and pink crocs.

Fiona: Thank you for waiting, Mom.

question: do your kids make you feel conscious of what you are wearing?

mompoet - making sure I look smart before I make an appearance

*a texas tuxedo is blue jeans with a blue jean jacket

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Pearl said...

texas tuxedo. great term!