Wednesday, May 13, 2009

two big days

On Monday, after a very full day of work, I participated in the "Almost Anything Goes Anarchy Slam" at the Vancouver Poetry Slam. I have a camera full of photos, and I'm looking forward to some YouTube posts by a videographer who captured a lot of the show. I think there were 16 performance pieces in all. Lisa's and my denture-friendly cooking school skit went over very well, and resulted in pie everywhere. All over the place. It was a late, long show, and I got home after midnight, then had to throw a bunch of stuff in the laundry. It was worth it. The show was great. We came in 3rd (using a totally random judging process).

I rose early on Tuesday so Alex and I could get out to the election poll to work for the day as scrutineers. We were at the poll from 8am to 8pm, then stayed for a an hour or so to witness the vote-counting after closing. Our candidate, Shannon Watkins, did an awesome job of getting votes, but did not defeat the incumbent. We got to the election night celebration in time to greet her arrival and give her big hugs of congratulations on a job well done. It's disappointing that she did not win. She would have been an awesome MLA. Look out for her. She has a bright future.

That's all I have to say about the last 2 days. More later. I am propping my eyes open and hoping I don't snooze off at my desk today at work.

question: why does everything happen in big intense clumps?

mompoet - full up, but happy for it

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