Thursday, May 07, 2009

Alex is 19

Yesterday, we celebrated Alex's 19th birthday. He'll have some friends time on the weekend, and an extended family dinner in a few days, but chose to celebrate the real day with just us. Andy and I took him out to the pub for supper. Now that he is legal age, he can go to the pub and he can drink. He has not tried any alcohol before this, and was not jumping up and down about drinking. He was cautiously curious and a bit apprehensive. We have talked to him about drinking and encouraged him to do what he feels is right. Turning 19 does not mean you have to drink.

The waitress ID'd him as soon as Andy told her it was his 19th birthday. We ordered supper, and Alex taste-tested Andy's beer and my Strongbow. Then he ordered an apple cider. The waitress served it with plenty of ice. Alex liked it, and drank almost all of it. Both he and I are thirsty eaters, so I showed him my trick of drinking water with food so you don't drink your drink too quickly. He seemed to like that.

After supper, Andy and Alex went to see Wolverine at the movie theatre, while I picked up Fiona and drove her to dance class. We all landed up at home around 9:30, where we sang happy birthday and ate cheesecake. I think it was a pretty quiet birthday celebration, but Alex seemed happy with it.

Yesterday, Alex walked around saying, "I'm 19. I can't believe I'm 19." I feel the same way. Birth to adulthood has been an amazingly quick journey for us too.

question: what rites of passage do you recall most clearly?

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~Camy said...

Happy 19th birthday to Alex. I am sure he will have a really nice celebration on the weekend. We went to the Pub with Christina on her 19th too...she was really bummed that she was not asked for ID because she had never stepped into a Pub before fake ID for her. It is a huge milestone to turn 19 for some and for others its not a big deal because they have already been engaging in activities that they should have waited until they were legal. Rites of passage...some its driving, some its turning 19 or turning 21...for me...I think it has to be getting your first period and knowing you are stuck with it for years to come.

Pearl said...

Happy 19.

I saw a picture of a cousin at my mom's. Last time I saw cousin Susan was at her baby shower, and now that in utero baby has 4 babies of her own. A whole generation passed already.