Tuesday, May 05, 2009

yes, that was me

standing by the side of the road, almost at the bottom of treacherous Snake Hill, with a dead car in the middle of the single downhill lane (no flashers even), with a police officer directing traffic around my car while I waited for a tow truck to move it out of the road.

Fortunately I am okay and nobody got hurt trying to get around my car in rush hour traffic on the steep hill at the blind curve. It's just an alternator, and my car will work fine tomorrow.

Thank you to a friend, for seeing me and coming to my assistance. Thank you to the kind police officer who took charge. Thank you to my husband for being ready at the mechanic's to drive me home and make supper.

To the people who made faces and gestures and shouted comments as they drove by, I'm very sorry if I delayed you. I did not mean for my car to break down. I hope I did not make you miss something important. I will be polite to you if you are ever in trouble and cause me delay.

question: where's the most awful place you have been stuck?

mompoet - I can still see that' old lady's face in the passenger window - snarling and baring cat claws at me - what was that all about?


Pearl said...

people is weird. esp. cat claw ones.

glad you're home safe and sound.

Kristene said...

My car once broke down, at night, in the middle of winter, in a torrential rain storm, right at one of the major intersections on North Road. The light turns green and my car is flat dead. I run outside and put my hood up first thing, so everyone will know there's a problem but the guy behind me would not stop honking and screaming.

I understand he must have been frustrated but I fail to see how the temper tantrum was going to help. Luckily I was a BCAA member and they showed up pretty darn quickly.

One of the things I love about small places like this, when you're in trouble, people care more about helping you than blaming you.

mompoet said...

Thanks friends. My car is fixed now (new alternator, new battery) but I'm left wondering about human nature. I'm glad that the kind people (like you) make a bigger and more lasting impression than that made by the unkind ones. I have to think when they act like that, it's not really about me.


Pearl said...

you're right, it's not about you. it may be part of be screwy at strangers but be nice to family or vent at family but nice to strangers phenomenon.