Saturday, May 23, 2009

grad dress inspiration

Here's a news story from CBC about a young woman in Burnaby who will wear a trash bag dress to grad this year. I think this is wonderful.

question: what did you wear to your grad/prom? what did your kids wear to theirs?

mompoet - I sewed myself a dress, but it was made of silk, not trash bags


Lynn Valley Girl said...

Good for her! She will move ahead in life and make a difference. I think the whole grad experience is wonderful and the girls all look like princesses and for most, it's the highlight of their high school years. I don't regret spending the outrageous amount of money on our daughter's grad dress but it does get a bit out of hand with the nails, the hair (which includes an additional appointment for a trial run). I had my daughter pay for all of the "extras" because we paid for the dress.
For me? I had two dresses. One for the dinner dance. My mom bought it and I loved that dress from Laura Ashley. I made my dress for graduation ceremony. It was long and yellow and I felt like a princess.
I wonder if the girl in Burnaby felt like a princess in her garbage bag? Probably.

michael sean morris said...

I wore very old school tails, but then that's me. I wanted to wear a Henry VIII style doublet from the costumers, but my mother wouldn't let me go that far.

mompoet said...

I can just picture you, LVG! Michael, I think I prefer to picture you in the doublet. That would have been cool. Tails is a great second choice.

My dress was oyster coloured silk with thin straps, and a shortie jacket of the same material as a cover-up. My "grad draw" date bought me a beautiful red rose wrist corsage.

I kind of wish I had thought of the garbage bag thing though! I think she's absolutely adorable - a total princess in green splendour.