Friday, May 15, 2009


I use a pocket pc to keep track of appointments, contacts, to-do list etc. and to carry around photos and documents (it has word and excel). I don't use it for email or the web because email and the web prevails in enough of my life without also carrying it around in my purse.

Yesterday I took my pocket pc into a meeting. When I attempted to enter an appointment, I discovered that my stylus was missing. It turned out to have worked its way loose in the pocket of my backpack. I do believe things happen for a reason. When something a bit strange happens, I am meant to think hmmmm, what could that mean?

I suspect that I need to look at my appointments, and move some of them from "floating around in my head" to "saved in the pocket pc." That way I have a much better chance of actually remembering and showing up.

As I went through my head, and checked my facebook and the school's website, etc. to retrieve appointments, I realised that we are rolling into summer-style activities. There's a baseball game in there now, a barbeque, and 4 year-end concerts. Coming soon: camping trip! A bit after that: weekend on the Sunshine Coast. I like the way the regular grid of plans and commitments unravels a bit at the end of the school year. May/June is transition time. July/August are a hodge podge of stuff we do only in the summer, with a break from many of the usual things we do each week or month.

I like the look of my pocket pc appointments calendar now, and I think I remembered to enter the things that I need to remember. My stylus is safely stuck in its slot, and I will go forward into the great summer season.

question: how do you keep track?

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Muhd Imran said...

With my forgetful mind, I am happy now to rely on my iPhone calender to remind me.

Birthdays, anniversaries, medical appointments for both Dad and Mom, and Wifey's too. Sonny's tuition fees and mostly for work.

I moved away from PDAs due to the small screen and broken stylus. Now my finger is my stylus which I will not loose or gets misplaced.

Thank you APPLE!!!

Have a great weekend and SUMMER plans sound great!

Lynn Valley Girl said...

I need to update my recording of appointments etc. in my datebook. I REALLY need to move into the electronic era!