Sunday, May 10, 2009

my mother's day

My Mother's Day stretched out a bit, this weekend, and was happy and delicious for all that.

On Friday evening, I had a surprise babysitting gig at my neighbours' place. My neighbour had to run an errand for an hour after supper, but her little guy (3 years old) had crashed unexpectedly and she didn't want to move him. She came over to find out if Fi could babysit. Fi was doing a show, so I offered to help. I had so much fun! The five year old boy and I registered on the "Cheese String" website, then he played "Cheese String Ultimate Race." After about half an hour of his exciting crowing and cheering and my laughter, little brother woke up. He cried a little at first, then consented to be carried downstairs to sit on my lap at the computer and cheer his brother on in the game. I laughed even more, enjoying the both of them so excited. Spending an hour with them reminded me of how different mothering is at every age. I enjoy a little time with little ones, and appreciate my big, older children even more.

Saturday I dropped Fiona off at rehearsal, then grabbed a bus and skytrain into Vancouver to meet with my friend Lisa. We talked for a couple of hours over coffee, and cooked up a wonderful performance piece for the Vancouver Poetry Slam's "Almost Anything Goes Anarchy Slam" on Monday. It's the one time of the year when all of the rules are thrown out and we have goofy/weird/over-the-top fun at the slam. Come to think of it, some of that happens every week at the slam, but this is the one in which costumes, props, music and just about anything else are allowed. I can't tell what we have planned, but I'll fill you in after the event. On the way home I stopped at V. V. Boutique to get a new costume and a couple of props for the slam. That made me even more excited about it. I promise photographs later.

After Fi's rehearsal, she and Alex took me out for an early sushi supper for my Mother's Day treat. We had a lot of fun. At one point Alex announced, "If I had a glass eye, this is a time when I'd probably pop it out." Alex just says things like that sometimes. We love it. After they treated me to sushi, I treated them to gelato. A pairing made in heaven (or somewhere between Japan and Italy).

Later, Andy, Alex and I went to the school to see the final performance of this year's school musical, Thoroughly Modern Millie. Fi plays about 4 different parts in it, including a modern man, a stenographer who tap dances at her desk, and a young women who gets kidnapped and shipped off to China. We loved the show, and felt proud of the wonderful performance created by the students and their teachers.

Sunday morning (Mother's Day officially) I slept in. Breakfast was offered, but I've been craving my favourite, cooked my way, so I made my own eggs with onions and tomatoes and feta. Fi slept in too after a late cast party. Alex got up, and I taught him to make pancakes. I didn't know he couldn't make pancakes yet! Now he can. He had to leave for work soon after that.

Andy dropped me off at Rocky Point park where I had a rendezvous with Mom and Dad. I treated them to an outdoor lunch at Pajo's Fish and Chips. We sat by the shore and gazed across the mud flats, because it was low tide. It was still beautiful, and we enjoyed the parade of people enjoying the park along with us.

Mom and Dad drove home, and I walked a few blocks to the campaign office for my inside scrutineer training. I stayed after the training and helped a bit in the office, with preparations for election day. Shannon Watkins, our candidate, was there with her Mom. They had been out to Mother's Day brunch already, and were headed to meet with party leader, Carole James, and Carole's mom, for afternoon tea at the Boathouse restaurant in Rocky Point Park.

After helping at the office, I walked home. It was a lovely warm afternoon, perfect for a walk.

Now I'm home, and thinking about a casual supper on the deck - later though - those fish and chips stick with you! I have a few things to get ready for the poetry slam, and I'd like to spend a bit of time with Andy and Fiona before we all turn in. Alex will be home from work around 10:30, but I don't know if I'll last that long.

All in all, it has been a lovely Mother's Day weekend, spent doing things that are meaningful to me, with people for whom I care very much. I am blessed.

question: how was your Mother's Day?

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Muhd Imran said...


Two mothers to celebrate with.

Wifey had hers last Sunday and Mom will have hers belated tomorrow. Together with Wifey, my Sis and Dad we'll have a blast celebrating with her.

Devon said...

I foooouuuund yoooooo

Devon said...

I fooooooouuuund yoooo