Sunday, May 24, 2009

bridal shower

My friend Kathy's daughter is getting married. Amber is 23. I have known her since she was a baby. When Amber was 4, she came to Alex's baby shower. When she was 13 and 14, she spent two summers as Alex and Fiona's all-day caregiver at our house, while Andy and I were at work. She was awesome, taking Alex on an all-day bike adventure one day, and concocting a puppet show, complete with tickets, music and refreshments, that stretched to a multi-week project with the kids, and culminated in a spectacular performance. Amber stayed at our place for two weeks during the summer that we took our California road trip. She took awesome care of our place and our pets that time.

Now she and Santo will be married. Our friend Michele hosted a bridal shower at her home. Amber has already had a traditional Italian shower (Santo's family being Italian) with a full luncheon banquet and many, many guests, speeches, etc. Kathy wanted her to also have the smaller shower with kitchen and household gifts, sandwiches and lots of chatting about the wedding, marriage, men etc...

Amber was totally surprised by the party. Santo told her that he was taking her to Michele's house for a surprise party - but he said it was a surprise birthday party for Kathy, who happens to have her birthday this week. We decorated the veranda with balloons and streamers, but I think it still took Amber a moment to figure it out. She even brought a card and gift for her mom.

We had a lovely time, and we mom-generation friends remembered our showers and weddings. Amber is determined to stay simple, elegant and up-to-date. She thinks a lot of her mom's ideas are "so 70s!" I think she had a great time at the little shower, and enjoyed the love and the gifts. Michele put on a lovely light supper buffet, and everyone enjoyed her gracious 1911 craftsman style home. I always feel like I'm in a special place when I go to Michele's. It was the perfect place for the party.

Andy and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in August. I remember the shower that my bridesmaid sister and the rest of the girls threw for me. It was a little shower, at my Mom's house. I remember the guests of all generations, the generous gifts, and my talk of a simple, homey wedding that Andy and I had been planning. It can't be 25 years ago. Then again, it can't be 23 years since Amber was born. I guess it is though.

question: have you been to a bridal shower this spring?

mompoet - wishing Amber and Santo all the love and happiness in the world - and a happy 25th anniversary - it will arrive before they know it!

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