Thursday, May 07, 2009

happy odd day!

My friend Cathy posted this link to my facebook wall,

I thought of you today when I first heard this news...NOT because you're odd because (mompoet) is not odd, but because of your love of numbers!

I think this is very cool, and I appreciate how well Cathy knows me - knowing this would make me feel such gleeful delight. Thank you Cathy!

question: do you like odd numbers?

mompoet - and to think, I nearly missed it!

ps I think I am frequently odd.


mompoet's dad said...

I like odd numbers, but my favorite prime is even. However being an even prime makes it pretty odd!

mompoet's dad

mompoet said...

My favourite prime number looks something like the mirror version of your favourite prime number, Dad. Needless to say, mine is not even.