Thursday, April 30, 2009

dog walk haiku

was it a bear or
boys with sticks who shredded the
old bug-eaten stump?


Muhd Imran said...

It would be scary to be confronted with a wild animal much less a bear.

Stay on the beaten road and enjoy nature walks safely.

mompoet's dad said...

My daughter knows well how to deal with bears. She started going on hikes with the whole family when she was six years old. I don't think she ever met a bear on one of those hikes with us, but she was taught what to do if she saw one. And they usually see (or more likely smell) you long before you see or smell them.

mompoet's dad, who has seen a fair number of bears, all of which ran away

Muhd Imran said...

This is great to know. In a very small island like Singapore, the urbanization has made many wild animals extinct as far spotting one here anymore.

I guess the most ferocious animal here would be the protective crows, pecking pedestrians walking below their nests with chicks... nothing larger than that as the last tiger was shot dead in the 50s.

It is good to know that bears react that way to humans. Humans are safe living close to them. No living thing gets hurt or has to die as a result.

Aaah, the great wilderness in the Canadian outbacks... should make awesome camping and hiking trips with lots of fantastic views and wildlife... the gentler ones, to snap picture of. My kind of place.

Have a great weekend.