Saturday, April 18, 2009

spring finally

Local garden guru, Brian Minter, said on CBC radio this week that we are "three weeks behind" in our growing season this year. I wore open-toed shoes on Tuesday before work to walk the dog, and nearly froze my toes off. It's looking brighter, and the days are longer, but it's still pretty chilly. Still, the flowers and insects are doing their best, and the robins are lurching around on the lawn, daring us to walk AWAY FROM THE NEST, YUP, THIS WAY PLEASE! (Robins are valiant protectors.)

Today I was met with this lovely mass of hyacinths as I walked into Kyle Centre to pick up Fi after rehearsal. A bee even drifted in, and posed for just a moment.

question: where is spring?

mompoet - longing for tulips and juleps

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Muhd Imran said...

The colors are stunning. The feeling of Spring definitely coming is thrilling, I bet.

Have a good season.