Friday, April 10, 2009


In a fragmented night of dream stories, I am pretty sure that I:

  • ate my friend's share of the cold noodles in the fridge at work, then felt guilty and tried to decide if I should 'fess up, or just let her miss the noodles.
  • explained to the audience at a poetry show that I was not able to conceive children any more, well maybe one or two, but time was running out.
  • looked for a cheap vacation place in Osoyoos, and discovered my favourite campground was transformed into a cross between a bed and breakfast and a skid row single room occupancy hotel.
  • ran to a concession stand at an outdoor music festival, to fetch drink refills and food for my friends, and returned with a small metal box full of goo, and realised I had mixed Worcestershire sauce into their drug stash.
Fortunately, after this, I woke up.

question: have you been dreaming?

mompoet - glad for the difference between the dreams and the real

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