Monday, April 06, 2009

drug pipe

I was walking the dog this morning, when I saw this by the side of the fire road up behind our house. It's a closed-off bit of road available only for emergency vehicles, with bush on both sides. I have seen discarded condoms there before, but this is the first bit of drug paraphernalia that I have noticed there.

I looked it up on the web to be sure, and sure enough, there are instructions. This one appears to be made from:

-a light bulb
-the top part of a disposable water bottle
-a piece of clear plastic tubing
-duct tape

It reminded me of the bug catcher that my little neighbour showed me on the weekend, made from a glass jar with a tube and some cheesecloth, but this was definitely not a bug-catcher. I think it must be someone from the neighbourhood. People don't come into our neighbourhood from the mean streets to smoke drugs. And I bet they get it from around here too. The internet article that I read says it is a "vapourizer" that can be used to smoke cannibis or other stronger drugs. I hope it wasn't anyone I know. I hope it wasn't stronger drugs.

I picked it up with a piece of paper and put it in the trash. It made me feel sad all day.

question: did you ever see one?

mompoet - wanting to hug every kid and every parent in the whole neighbourhood and say, "You are worth the effort," and wondering who really needs the hug?


Muhd Imran said...

It is interesting what the internet can teach us; the good and the bad as well... so easily and effortlessly.

The last paragraph you wrote saddens me but warms the heart at the same time too.

No one needs to use drugs to escape their life temporarily. They need help from people like you and me.

There should be more people like you in your neighborhood and in this world.

Lazy Daisy said...

I'm glad you identified it...I probably would have thought it was a bug catcher myself. Sending you virtual hugs.

Lynn Valley Girl said...

I would have had no idea what that was. I'm glad you safely picked it up and discarded it.