Monday, April 27, 2009

unintelligible translink alert

Tonight, before I sleep, I check Translink Trip Planner (the website for how to go where you want to get by bus, skytrain etc). This way, I will know what time I need to leave the house, and thus what time I must rise.

I find that I must be at the bus stop at 7:26am, which is okay, but I also discover a Trip Alert!!! So I ask for details and discover the following:

Stop #51401 Canada Way at Sperling. From Monday April 20 to Friday May 1, this stop will be temporarily relocated to Sperling at Canada way due to construction

I wonder just how far Canada Way at Sperling is from Sperling at Canada Way. I think I must wear my walking shoes and change into my pumps after I reach my destination.

question: do you think this will show up on google satellite maps?

mompoet - plotting the distance between point A and point A


Mompoet said...

I suspect that the distance between A (version 1) and A (version 2) is just a few metres, with the Canada Way at Sperling stop on Canada Way, and the Sperling at Canada Way stop on Sperling.

Mompoet's Dad said...

The comment above was made by Mompoet's Dad. I tried to type "Mompoet's Dad" and as soon as I typed "Mompoet" control was taken away from me and the thing got posted, attributed to my daughter. Must be something Micro$lothian going on at

The dad of you know whom

mompoet said...

Hi Dad, sorry blogger scooped your identity. Kind of in keeping with the theme of the post. When Mompoet's Dad is called Mompoet, what kind of meaningful conversation can they have?

As for today, I think I will take my GPS in my backpack, in case the bus drops me off at Canada Way at Sperling and I can't find my way to where I want to go, which is Canada Way at Sperling.


Mompoet's Daughter said...

You could just yell really loudly "WHERE IS MY BUS?" and see if it comes.

mompoet said...

I yelled that, and an ice cream truck showed up. Then a duck followed me for 500 meters along the road. When I got to the carousel, there was the bus stop. The carousel said, "Silly budgie, I've been here all the time." Then the bus came. A walrus was driving, so the duck waited for the next bus while I rode home.