Friday, April 10, 2009

condiments - like and not like

This is my list of condiments that I like and do not like:

mustard - like (all kinds) especially sweet/hot and horseradish, but even ordinary bright yellow hot dog mustard is fine. I like mustard with egg salad, and on grill cheese sandwiches. Mustard is good.

ketchup - don't like - not on hot dogs, but once in a while on mac and cheese or with french fries, but really, french fries deserve mustard/mayonnaise

wasabi - like like like the nicest shocking surprise. WOOOOOOO!

mayonnaise - like (when it is tinted with mustard) or in sushi, otherwise neutral, not on anything hot

salsa - like - hotter the better - also good with eggs (try mango salsa, mmmm)

chutney - like - don't get this often because I'm the only one in the house who eats it, but it is good

soy sauce - like - was surprised to find out that only European people put soy sauce on plain rice

teriyaki sauce - like, but not my first choice

mint sauce - don't like - poured over beef, it smells like socks

hollandaise sauce - don't like - too gooey and fussy to cook, use salsa instead

pesto - like like like like - on pretty much anything, well, maybe not on ice cream. Come to think of it, I have not tried pesto on ice cream, so I can't really say

salt and pepper - like - highly underrated as seasoning/condiments

sweet chili sauce - like much, on most food, looks like a lava lamp, tastes like a circus

balsamic vinegar - like with veg or bread, tangy and deep

olive oil - like very much, especially with balsamic vinegar, or plain, on pasta with salt and pepper

caesar salad dressing - like, but must be careful, does not like me

ranch dressing - don't like - reminds me of a boring person wearing a flashy hat for attention

cheeze whiz - don't like - tastes like it sounds (something not for eating)

relish - like - it is made with pickles so it is, by definition, good

That's all for now.

question: which condiments do you like and not like?

mompoet - complimenting most condiments because most condiments complement compliments


Cathy said...

I love your taste in condiments. To combine two of your "like condiments" do you ever mix green pickle relish and mayonnaise for tuna fish sandwiches? Delicious!

~Camy said...

I like all your condiments but what I love best you may or may not have ever had is it hot, like it fiery. Sambal is a spicy Southeast Asian condiment made, in its simplest form, from chile peppers and salt. A more elaborate sambal may contain onion, lime juice, lemongrass, sugar, garlic, oil and/or vinegar. You will find sambal in a jar or bottle at an Asian food market or in the international aisle at the grocery store.

There are many varieties of sambal. Sambal Oelek is the kind you're most likely to find in the canada ("Oelek", "Olek" or "Ulek" refers to the mortar and pestle used to create sambal in Indonesian kitchens.) One Malaysian version, Sambal belacan, is made with shrimp paste. Sambal ikan bilis has dried anchovies in it. Sambal kemiri contains candlenuts.

Generally speaking, any sambal adds a dark, fiery flavor to dishes. A dollop of sambal can enliven some plain rice or a simply cooked piece of meat. For a quick, bright salad dressing, mix together 1/4 cup of mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons each of lemon juice and capers, and 1/4 teaspoon of sambal oelek.

T & T has lots of sambal choices!

Cathy said...

Mmmmmmm one of my favourite Malaysian dishes is Sambal Eggplant with Sambal Chicken a very close second. Camy, now I'm wanting Sambal!

Lynn Valley Girl said...

Good list MP. I like chutney as well. One year in Brownie, our girls made batches of it. It was actually quite good.
Now you have made me wonder if I could make a list of condiment likes and dislikes.

mompoet said...

Cathy, I do mix relish and mayo into my tuna fish sandwich - and salt and pepper!

Camy - I have a big jar of sambal olek in my fridge. I use it to heat up stir-fried green beans. mmmmm Another condiment that I like!

mompoet said...

LGV - make a list! I want to read it!