Friday, June 08, 2007

Rescue Dreams

All in one night I

was pursued by bandits in a suburban grocery store parking lot. I took shelter in an empty but open dry cleaning store, locking myself inside. Outside the bad guys banged on the door while I hid among the clean shirts and pants and jackets hanging on the conveyor.

rescued about 10 lovebirds from a bird-napper. The birds were all in one big cage. I knew they needed to be taken to safety, so I opened the cage door and they climbed out onto my hand and arms. They perched on my shoulders, all nuzzled up like lovebirds do. Their feet were warm.

tried to rescue two little girls (daughters of a friend in a dream) from another friend who had no children of her own, and so took these ones. I went to her house for coffee and was standing by, waiting for the police to arrive (I had called them). I was feeling awful that I had to betray my kidnapper friend, but the little girls were scared and needed to go home.

had my car stolen when I parked it on the side of the road to help someone

That's enough for one night (or several).

question: what do dreams tell us?

mompoet - more tired this morning than when I went to sleep

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