Tuesday, June 26, 2007

in-between time

It's 7:25 and I'm the only one up. The cat and dog went back to sleep after breakfast. Andy has gone to work. The kids are sleeping in. They finished exams and celebrations last week and don't go back until Thursday for report cards. Nobody needs me to make breakfast. Nobody is asking for a ride to school.

Work has been incredibly hectic, preparing for summer camp to open next week, and taking time off for awards ceremony, school leaving etc last week. I'm going to go into the gym this morning before work and start a little late, just to catch my breath. Tonight I'll go to the Main Street Slam.

Next week, everything begins. Alex should have his first days of actually working over the Canada Day weekend and beyond, then he'll go for his driver's test. Fiona starts a one-month musical theatre intensive in Vancouver. Camp opens for me then I have to write budget for 2008. Luckily Andy has the first week of July off work so he can help us get into gear.

For now, this quiet is nice.

question: isn't the pause between events delicious?

mompoet - shhhhh don't wake the dog

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