Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Nelson's Epiphany - Part 1

On Saturday night Nelson and Tallulah came with me to Myrna's place. It was Myrna's last weekend before beginning her new job, so all of the ladeez came to celebrate. We often invite Nelson (the plastic rat), and he insisted that Tallulah (the banana guard) join us.

What a perfect night. Nelson got into the party mood and showed Tallulah the joys of swinging in the chandelier.

Then we went out to the deck where we activated a glowstick and lit Tallulah up in the darkness. She is a thing of beauty with a yellow glowstick inside.

Myrna is such a splendid host, she made us all feel so welcome and comfortable. When I left at midnight, Nelson and Tallulah had decided to stay over. They were back in the chandelier when I said goodbye. And it must have turned out to be quite a night.

Tomorrow I will tell you what I know of Nelson's night with Tallulah at Auntie Myrna's house. For now, you must wait.

question: what do you suppose happened?

mompoet - I have a story to tell...

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Carol said...

Are you positive that Tallulah isn't a cucumber...just askin'