Saturday, June 02, 2007

2 months and counting

Barb and Kim and the kids will fly into Vancouver on July 29. They're still in Keren, Eritrea right now, volunteer teaching. They have been there for almost 2 years. At the end of June, my sister and her family will say goodbye to their friends and their African home, and leave for some adventures in Egypt. They'll fly to London partway through July, and from there, home.

The boys want to go straight from the airport to Capitol Hill Szechuan restaurant. That would be fun. Alex wants to drive as many of them as possible home from the airport in my car with his new license. (Cross your fingers - he goes for his road test on July 9.) I'm not sure what Barb, Kim and their eldest, Maya, want to do first.

I want to hug them and cook with them and laugh with them and not take my eyes away from them for as long as is humanly possible. It's funny, but now that they're almost home, I miss them more than ever.

They must all be aching for their house and their cats, and anxious to see their friends in Cranbrook. I wonder how they're feeling about returning to work and school, and what life will be like for them transitioning back to Canada.

I can't wait. July 29.

question: if you were with your family, but far from home for 2 years, what would you most want to do upon your return?

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Carol said...

Visit with my best friends. Eat at my favorite restaurant and then go home!

This is a big countdown...