Friday, June 15, 2007

Monet to Dali (or "I need to get out more")

Mom and I went to the Monet to Dali exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery today. It opened about a week ago, and will run through the summer to mid-September. We made it through about a quarter of the show before we were overwhelmed with images/colours/ideas and we stopped. I like it when I do that. I know I can (and will) go back and see the rest. We split the price of a catalogue so we can learn more about the works in the show and have a more intentional visit next time. I have gazed at a couple of Monets and Renoirs and Pissaros and Van Goghs and even peeked at a Picasso and a Magritte and a Rousseau on my way out but I'll look at those next time.

Some of the ones that struck me especially were this and this and this.

I actually cried when I saw some of them. Either I'm tired or I need to get out more, or maybe that's just good that looking at art can make me cry - not because of sadness but because of beauty and history.

I'll be back there, with more of an idea of what I want to see, now that I know what's there, and with some kleenex in my pocket, I guess.

question: have you been struck by beauty?

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Carol said...

I am envious...

Lynn Valley Girl said...

My brother told me to go to the show and to take the kids. He as an artist was very impressed by the exhibition and said he will go again and again. It's exciting to read that the beautiful artwork brought tears to your eyes. Great pieces of art have a way of doing that!