Saturday, June 23, 2007

good-bye college park

I attended the "College Park Fun-tastic Farewell Party" Friday. The school community hosted a picnic for families and friends of the school. I saw lots of people I have not seen for a long time - people who have moved or retired, children who were just promises when I last saw their moms, and old principal, and even some old teachers who were so old they had retired before we even began at the school. There was a barbeque and lots of fun things for the kids to do. I'll post some photos when the camera comes home (it's at a rehearsal, I think). Everyone was sad and nostalgic. I visited classrooms where our children first came to kindergarten, and where they finished in grade 5. The Library (my favourite place in the school) was locked up. Too sad to look at it empty of books, furniture and decorations I think. A band was playing, and a balloon release was being prepared. Kids and dogs and grandparents wandered around in little clusters, hugging and helloing. I felt happy to see them and sad to know this was the last time we'd see each other in this place. Most of the current teachers are going to one or the other of two neighbouring schools, so will stay with the College Park children when they move. But, in the words of one teacher, "It won't be my school, not for a long time." On the wall outside the gym, we were invited to write down our happiest memory of College Park. Mine was the Halloween parade. Every year, children and teachers would dress up and make a parade, starting with kindergarten and progressing up to grade 5. They'd walk through every classroom of the school then outside and around the field. We'd all take pictures and marvel at their costumes. I don't think any school anywhere had a Halloween Parade as good as College Park's.

This photo is from the huge display prepared for the event. I'm the kangaroo, telling a story to Alex's grade three class. He's a devil, in case you're wondering.

They gave away all of the photos at the end of the event because there is nowhere and nobody to keep them.

question: why is it so sad to say good-bye?

mompoet - missing a very special place in the life of our community


Imran said...

To me, when beautiful things, wonderful moments or loving people become part of you, saying goodbye is like missing a part of who you are.

I hate saying goodbye, even though I know that it will always be in you, but it never is the same... memory fades, happy ones too.

I see that you have been having great fun hopping around and telling stories to the 3rd graders.

Everyone will surely miss this favourite place in their lives.

Carol said...

It seems to me that you know how to say good bye rather well.
Cute picture!